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Many of us sign up to the gym with a vision of getting fit and slimming down, only to find motivation quickly drops away, and so do the results.

If you have struggled to make a regular gym work for you, perhaps it is time to give Martial Arts a try. Here are a few reasons why this way of working out can actually deliver the changes you have been looking for:

1. Community

The gym can more often than not be a solitary endeavour. Martial Arts is quite the opposite. Martial Artists work together to achieve their goals, to share success and encourage each other.

You will find you become friends with people at your Martial Arts school, even if you’re more used to working out alone. Martial Arts is hard and intense work, and this spirit of camaraderie is part of what helps Martial Artists maintain the performances they need to reach their peak. At a regular gym, you might come and go without interacting with a single person. This will never be the case with Martial Arts – particularly not at IMC dojos.


2. A Sense of Achievement


Setting and achieving small goals along the way to your final objective is a great way to keep on track. While at the gym you are able to look at the physical results and check the scales for weight loss, in Martial Arts you are able to do all of this PLUS the added built-in benefit of having a ranking system such as belts that keep you on track.


3. Turn Fitness into a Skill

Getting fit for the sake of being fit is great, but what if you could do that while learning an awesome new skill at the same time?
Beginning your journey into Martial Arts will give you an upper hand if you ever need to defend yourself, as well as the confidence that comes with that ability.

4. Personal Attention without the Price Tag!

Another downside of the standard gym is feeling the need to hire a personal trainer. Though personal trainers can help you achieve great results, they do come with a hefty price tag.
At a regular Martial Arts training session not only will you work in a group, rather than one on one, there will likely be multiple trainers. These trainers will spread their time out through the group, giving everyone the attention they need. You will be able to get specialised attention in each class for about a quarter of the price of a single Personal Training session.

5. Safety is key


Working in a group has benefits beyond encouragement. Working solo at a gym, there may not be anyone there to look out for your safety. Not to say gyms are unsafe or don’t do everything they can to prevent injury, but Martial Arts classes give more attention to detail.

Martial Arts can be intense and it is vital to your success that you work safely. There will always be other people at a Martial Arts session, including trainers in attendance who will do their utmost to take care of your wellbeing.

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