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8 Tips To Make Sure Your Child Passes Their Upcoming Grading

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8 Tips To Make Sure Your Child Passes Their Upcoming Grading

1. Positive Mindset
   As a parent, its fine to want your child to succeed – we want them to succeed too! 
However, from our experience, children don’t cope well with pressure. Make sure your encouraging them to “enjoy yourself” and “do your best”, rather than saying “try harder” or overloading them with advice.

2. Maximise Class Time
   The best place to be, to ensure success is in IN THE DOJO! In the lessons coming up to grading, classes will become slightly more intense to make sure IMC students are as prepared as possible. The more often you can make it to class, the better your child will perform.

3. Syllabus
   Our official IMC syllabus is like a cheat sheet of everything you need to know from white to Black Belt and everything in between. If you haven’t got one already, see Sensei Ivana at the front desk. These are ESSENTIAL!

4. Nutrition
   On the day of your child’s grading, make sure they are eating properly. Loading them up with sugary treats before the test can often make them agitated and unfocused while a big meal might make them sick. Try substituting this with a small portion of fruit an hour before the lesson.

5. Practicing at home
   Make Martial Arts a part of the daily routine! This is best done on a reward basis, for example - If your child is able to practice their Kata for 20 minutes, allow them to play a game for 20 minutes as a reward. This will create positive associations with Karate training and soon they’ll be asking you to let them practice.

6. Timeliness
   Some children are easily stressed, make sure you get them to their grading a little early so they will have time to settle and practice before the test. This will ensure they are feeling comfortable and ready to go! 

7. 1-on-1 Training
   Another option if you feel like your child needs an extra boost is a private lesson with your instructor. An extra half an hour to fine tune certain skills can make a world of difference in your child’s progress.

8. When In Doubt - Ask!
   And finally, if you have any questions with anything regarding your child’s development or the grading, come in and chat with us – we’re happy to help!

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