5 Ways To Fire Up Your Training This Winter

It’s almost winter time, which means the majority of people have long forgotten about their New Year’s resolution.  Worrying about your ‘summer body’ might be an afterthought for a few more months.  However, if you are one of the few who want to keep your training going strong when everyone else is slacking off – here is our very own IMC guide to keep your training red-hot this winter.


  1. BUILD A ROUTINE – Easier said than done right? WRONG. Your brain works wonders if you put in a little bit of effort. The first couple of weeks are usually the toughest, but once you get in the habit of going to class on specific days consistently – it will become automatic.

  2. DRESS WARM – You can trick yourself into thinking that it’s not actually as cold as it is by rugging up for your session. It’s only temporary anyway as once your class starts, you’ll be toasty warm. PRO-TIP: The 2018 IMC Hoodie and Beanie combo for $69 might be just what you need.

  3. TAKE A LITTLE LONGER TO WARM-UP: In the winter months, your muscles might need an extra few minutes to ease into your work-out. This might prevent injury, which would be a major setback to your training.

  4. STAYING INDOORS TO WORK-OUT: The idea of a brisk morning jog might sound good, but in winter it’s going to be tough. Fortunately, IMC Kemps Creek’s facilities have got you covered ;)

  5. CARB-LOAD BEFORE TRAINING: As you’ll be warming up for longer, you’ll need the fuel to keep going. As well as, foods high in carbohydrates give you energy, meaning you won’t be lethargic before your workout and, as a result, be more motivated. Just remember, it’s not a great idea to eat a carb-heavy meal too close to your workout. For specific diet tips to get the best out of your training, check out this previous blog post - http://imcaustralia.com.au/blog/74020/The-4-Step-Guide-To-Staying-Fuelled-During-Your-Martial-Arts-Class-


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