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The 4-Step Guide To Staying Fuelled During Your Martial Arts Class.

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The 4-Step Guide To Staying Fuelled During Your Martial Arts Class.

NOTHING is worse than showing up for your class and spending the entire time focusing on trying not to throw up all over yourself instead of what you're learning.

Keep yourself performing at peak levels with: The 4-Step Guide To Staying Fuelled During Your Martial Arts Class. 

1. Pre-Workout Meal

You want to have your last big meal 3-4 hours before working out. Opt for a high carbohydrate meal which is low in fat. This will maximise your energy levels, as well as, helping with digestion and gut comfort during your workout.
Examples include: Pasta, rice, potatoes, bread roll, beans

2. High Energy Snack

When you’re about an hour away from doing your Martial Arts class, this is the ideal time to eat a light, High GI (Fast burning energy) snack to help you perform at a higher level for longer. Stay away from anything heavy that will slow you down. Shihan Paul always recommends oranges for their natural sugar content.
Examples include: Fruit, smoothie, muesli bar, yoghurt


3. Mid-Workout Top Up

This step is optional for some people, however if you have a tendency to “hit the wall” during your session and lose momentum, you should consider getting another energy kick to make sure you are capitalising on your training. It’s important not to eat too much or there will be a high risk of upsetting Sensei Ivana if you vomit on the floor. A small amount of liquid with sugar content is ideal.
Examples include: Sports drinks, cordial, jelly lollies


4. Refuel and Recover

What you put into your body after training is just as important as beforehand. Experts recommend you should eat your recovery meal about 45 minutes after your class. If you’d like to get your body back up to 100% after it has been heavily depleted of its energy stocks, eat high carbohydrate and high protein meals and don’t forget to stay hydrated.
Examples include: Lean meats, eggs, oatmeal, cereals, fish

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