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The 4 best non-physical reasons your child should practice Martial Arts

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The 4 best non-physical reasons your child should practice Martial Arts

Martial Arts comes with an inherent and admittedly well-earned reputation.
Most people think the sport is synonymous with combat or physical fitness which is true to some extent, however the real benefits of Martial Arts, particularly for Children, is the psychological and social stimulation.

With the ability to get almost anything you want at the tip of your thumbs, it is no surprise attention spans are getting shorter.
Many parents complain about their child lacking PATIENCE or DISCIPLINE

Fortunately, that's where we come in.
The average student will take 6-10 years of training to achieve a Karate Black Belt. 
The best part about it is, the further the child gets into their Martial Arts journey, the more difficult it becomes. 
Fairly representative of the "real world".

Without a doubt, the most prevalent reason for children being enrolled in a Martial Arts school is to improve confidence.

It is the single most beneficial tool a parent could give a child to help them with future employment, relationships, socialising and numerous other aspects of their adult life.However, from a school that has taught anti-bullying tactics to thousands of children for many years, we'll give you an insider tip.
The truth is confident children can usually stand up for themselves, which makes them an unappealing target for bullies.

3. FOCUSHave you ever watched your child do homework and be instantaneously distracted in the slightest noise or movement?

The simple answer is they lack effective stimulation...
In Martial Arts classes, simply rewarding positive behaviours and penalising negative behaviours will do wonders for your child's ability to stay on track.
And this skill is transferred to other aspects of their life.

4. FUN
And last, but not least - Fun. Martial Arts has the ability to be challenging, rewarding and entertaining.
Children that enjoy an activity will be more likely to retain knowledge and information and the best way to do this is by disguising work with play.

It is way more fun to punch and kick things, to test yourself and get active than people realise.
Your child will THANK YOU for enrolling them in an activity that they love.

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