Your Child Failed... And It Could Be The BEST Thing For Them!

Your first reaction to watching your child fail at something and seeing them become disheartened, might be to turn into the overprotective parent that tries to fix all of their problems for them.

We are here to tell you not to be so hasty! Failure might be EXACTLY what they need to change and improve, not just in Martial Arts but in all aspects of life.

Reports have indicated that children who have learnt that failure is unacceptable are often susceptible to experiencing anxiety and are reluctant to try new things. There have been several times where we have seen a child enter their very first tournament and consequently have experienced their very first loss, leading to them never competing again!
That’s why at IMC, we encourage students to push their boundaries and try new skills and experiences in their Martial Arts lives.

IMC aims to build young students that show resiliency and have the ability to bounce back from life's disappointments, to hopefully come back stronger. If your child fails a grading, it’s expected that they may be sad and unmotivated for a short period. We recommend working with them to help find a solution, such as extra training sessions, private lessons or online training during their spare time.

Remember, if you have any questions, come and see one of our friendly staff to help guide your child on their Martial Arts journey.

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