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Starting Martial Arts for the first time can be a little confusing for many beginner students. There is a very unique and specific etiquette that is followed in dojos around the world, and at IMC.
In the past, these customs were never written down but simply learnt from observing the other students in the class. However, at the request of some students - Here is a short guide to what you need to know about the do’s and do not’s at IMC.


Wear the correct uniform. All of our programs have a uniform that students are required to wear. Ensure your uniform is clean and neat before coming to class. Remove any jewellery that you may have on as this could be a hazard for yourself or others.

Bow at the entrance of the dojo. It is tradition to pay respect to the place you are about to train in by bowing at the front door. After this, place your bag down somewhere out of the way, put your phone on silent and prepare for training. Do not interrupt the previous class by talking loudly before your class, if you want to catch up with your classmates, you are welcome to go outside until your class begins.

Be on time. In Martial Arts, 10 minutes early is considered “on time”. If you happen to be late for whatever reason, bow in to the instructor to acknowledge that you are late and quietly warm yourself up at the back of the room until you’re ready to join in the drills.



Give 100% Effort at all times. No excuses. Everyone has bad days but coming to class is your chance to leave that behind and join others who have come to train hard and improve themselves with Martial Arts.

Call your instructor by the correct name. Starting at the top, our head instructor Paul Zadro is referred to as Hanshi. Literally meaning, “Exemplary teacher”, this is indicative of his 8th degree Black Belt ranking. Other Black Belts in the dojo are referred to as Sensei, which translates to teacher.

Showing respect. This is a necessity in all Martial Arts, both to your instructor and to the students in your class. Bow to classmates before and after drilling or sparring to thank them for their assistance in improving you and to show no there is no ego in the dojo.



Avoid interrupting the next class. Please remain quiet as you pack your things, again if you would like to chat with your classmates or ask your instructors a question after training, move away from the next class.

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