IMC Martial Arts in Prospect NSW

At IMC Prospect we cater to all ages in teaching Kempo Karate, Muay Thai Kickboxing and MMA. We are a family run club with a good friendly atmosphere

Run by World Champion Peter "The Chief" Graham. At IMC Prospect we run Little Ninjas Karate Classes (ages 3-6), Junior Karate Classes (ages 7-14), Adult Karate Classes (ages 14+) Muay Thai Kickboxing (ages 14+) and Mixed Martial Arts (ages 14+).

At the IMC our goal is to get our students, whether they are kids or adults, into the best shape of their lives and instill a champion's attitude of self improvement. Here at the IMC we teach Thai Kickboxing, Kempo Karate, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and MMA in age specific classes to children, teenagers and adults in a positive and progressive environment, and we absolutely, positively guarantee that training with us will change your life for the better!

Our Prospect location is located at

1/18 Stoddart Rd
Prospect NSW 2148 Australia

+61 2 9688 4294

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